Angular Material is a UI component infrastructure that is used by more than 65.000 websites all over the world. Besides, this infrastructure provides responsive components that are pretty easy to reuse, a nice and clean design, and is made by the same team as Angular, making integrating it with Angular Material easy.

However, if you are new to Angular, just like me, not only you would have to learn Angular but also learn Angular Material and, to be honest, I found it more difficult to understand Angular Material than to understand Angular.

So if you are thinking of using this…

Todos hemos tenido un día que estaba yendo realmente bien, los test pasan, el responsive funciona perfectamente, la consola no se queja de ningún error… Y entonces os recuerda el jefe de proyecto, que la página web debe dar soporte a Internet Explorer, y os reporta una ristra de errores de estilos en toda la plataforma. Qué catástrofe.

Para los desarrolladores que trabajen con MacOS o Linux, probablemente poder ver los errores que se reporten en el UI, sea una auténtica tortura. …

Vue is one of the frameworks available out there with more growth in the last few years. It’s easy to learn, easy to integrate with other libraries or frameworks and has an extended and very well detailed documentation.

The number of stars on GitHub. Image from codeinwp

However, when it comes to styling and HTML componentization, it might present some issues: How can I write CSS in a scalable, reusable and readable way? How can I optimize my CSS? Which is the best way to add styles to my elements?

In order to try to give an answer to this…

It goes without saying that web accessibility is one of the biggest nightmares of developers. Indeed, it’s a very difficult and complex subject, especially if we are trying to build a website with a Level AAA accessibility conformance to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

Level AAA logo

For those wondering, a Level AAA conformance is the highest level of web accessibility conformance and it isn’t easy to achieve. For that purpose, here we expose some tips to have into consideration in order to build a AAA web without dying of boredom in the process.

Tab is important

Our website must be navigable with…

Icon Font generators are very useful for computer engineers but, mainly, for web designers and front-end developers. They are an interesting tool that allow developers to use icons as if they were a font. In other words, they enable us to use vector images without losing quality, change their colors very easily and adapt the size effortlessly.

Besides, you can apply CSS properties only used for text such as “font-size” to choose the size of the icon no matter how big or how small, “color” to put color to them and “font-weight” to change its appearance. Just like that.


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I’m a Front-End developer that loves pizza, cookies, write and code

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